Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recruiting? Make it Fun

Make it fun to pay attention
Are you recruiting students or volunteers? If you add a fun activity to the info. you are presenting, that really helps to make your message stick. We were reminded of this by a Game Show Presenter customer who writes, "We've used it about 3 years now at student recruitment events (for a technical college) and it's always a hit."

There are two ways you could use the game show simulator in a recruiting scenario:
  1. If you are doing a presentation, then use the game show as a fun way to review your key points or fine details, such as acceptance requirements, procedures and deadlines. Dry details often fail to stick in the mind during presentations. But if you put them in a game show format, people see it as entertaining and challenging. They will try to recall or look up the information when the game presents that question. Your points get reinforced in a fun, memorable way.
  2. The Kiosk Player version of Game Show Presenter puts your quiz game into a standalone format to run on a PC at your booth or table. This is a great promotional tool to have at a recruitment event! It attracts people to your exhibit and gives them a fun way to get information. It can capture contact information when player's sign-in to play the game. And, it provides an engaging activity for prospects who otherwise might wander off while waiting to speak to someone in your booth.
The Exhibitor Bundle of Game Show Presenter provides tools to do both scenarios above. The PLUS Edition alone is great for just doing the presentations.  There are academic discounts for both versions of the product. Just ask.

Maximizing Multiple Choice

If you write quiz questions, here's a thoughtful feature on how to make the most of them: Multiple-choice pointers