Monday, December 15, 2008

Bargain Buzzer System

A clever user of Game Show Presenter software told us how she found a low-cost buzzer system for Game Show Presenter by adapting the wired buzzers from the PlayStation game "BUZZ!". This solution works with the older, wired version of the buzzers, but it does not work with the newest wireless buzzers shipping with the BUZZ! game.

The good news is those older wired buzzers for 4 players are available at even lower cost now on ebay and in some used game stores. (If some clever users also finds a way to make the new wireless buzzers work on a PC or Mac, we'd love to hear about it.)

Here is a tutorial explaining what you need and how to adapt the USB wired BUZZ! buzzers to communicate with Game Show Presenter using the Total Game Control software ($19.95) from Digital Transforms. Be advised the process gets a bit technical, so this is not for everyone. But in the end, you can have a buzzer system for 4 players for approx. $50 using this approach.

If you have other low-cost or creative buzz-in solutions, let us know!

(PlayStation and BUZZ! are trademarks of Sony.)

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